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Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon is starting a new member service called ARCEC Swap Meet. The swap meet will be a place for members to buy and sell among other members. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of gear between ARCEC members. You must be a member in good standing (paid up!!) in order to post any type of ad. Any member of the public may respond to the ad. Our goal is to provide this service to better serve our members.

When you add an item to our swap meet page you explicity accept all SWAP MEET RULES for the swap meet page.

Items For Sale:

John:KJ6TKT - Rohn BX48 tower for sale. I have one of these on the side of my house. I am looking to sell for $600.00
If interested please call me at 619-672-4609.

zip01zip02Jerry:KK6QHZ-I am asking $25 or best offer for the whole package. I will also consider a trade - I don’t have anything in mind but please offer. While the manual says Parallel or SCSI, I don’t know if or how SCSI would work. However, the parallel port works just fine. I last used it on an XP machine and all I did was plug in the drive, turn it on and it showed up as a drive. I did this recently to move off any data I wanted to keep and to format the disk and everything worked perfectly. I previously used the drive on an NT machine which did require that software be installed. Newer versions of windows I don’t know about. It is supposed to work on a Mac but I have never tried it so…
zip03zip04 I hate to see working hardware go to recycling, especially if it may of use to someone. What is included:
100 Megabyte Zip drive with power and data cables
Twenty one 100 Megabyte disks
Manuals and software
Contact info: Jerry Vaughn at

Items Wanted:

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Items To Trade:

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Items Free For The Asking:

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