Sep 28 2011

California QSO Party


California QSO Party


October 1st, Saturday 8 am till Sunday Noon


Padre Dam Water District Headquarters, 9310 Fanita Parkway, Santee, CA 92071


Steve Weed, KO4QT, VP ARCEC, KO4Qt@hotmail.com or (619)733-2320


BBQ at 2 pm = Brings something to share


Bring your own chairs for sitting outside


Club Repeaters <<click for repeater frequency

Hey all, the California QSO Party is here this weekend and it starts at 8:00am. This is an HF Contest conducted on SSB (single sideband) and last 30 hours. Contacts we’ll be making are going to be from all over the Country. This is an excellent opportunity to learn not only how to contest, but to experience making contacts out of San Diego and use our club logging software. Thirty hours is a long contest and we need our club members help to man the radios and log contacts for those operating. We’ll be using the shack in my fifth wheel and our three element tri-band Yagi antenna on the tower trailer.

If you’re concerned that your Technician license won’t let you operate on HF, think again. We’ll be using the club’s call sign WA6BGS and a control operator will be with you.

Never contested before, this is a good time to learn. Club members will be on site to walk you through making contacts and after only a few, you’ll feel like an old pro.

Left over burgers from Field Day will go on the grill at 2:00 pm. If you’re going to be coming out, please let me know. See contact info above.

A thirty hour contest is a long contest. We’re doing this for our club members so you can experience something new for you in amateur radio. I have my fair share of contesting under my belt and I want you to have the same. If you’re not out there with us, I’ll be stuck on the air all night by myself. You don’t want to make me suffer like that do you? Come out and be a part of this, for the club and for me.

As most of you know, Padre Dam Water District supports us in the way of providing electricity, a space for our repeaters and our repeater antennas in the shack at their Crest water tower. In turn, we have a long standing agreement to provide them with emergency backup communications in the event of an emergency, disaster or drill. Our operation this weekend will not only be a place to operate in the contest, but it will also give us a good idea of our HF Communication abilities from their Emergency Operations Center.

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